Oak Flooring In Restaurants

Oak floors in restaurants is also a popular style option. Regardless of whether the food at the restaurant is modern or traditional, you can be sure bamboo floors will suit the ambiance and enhance the interior layout. As with any wood flooring in any commercial setting, the three main things to take into account when making your final decision would be: durability, cleaning and finish.

On account of the high amount of footfall at a busy restaurant, it is essential that whatever type of bamboo floor you choose is durable. You can select between solid wood floors or engineered timber flooring, but durability is a question you should certainly consult your provider. Solid oak flooring, as the name suggests is made from boards of oak, which can be made from a single piece of wood.

Engineered oak floors, on the other hand, is composed of a blend of wood and other substances. Engineered oak hardwood flooring is typically composed of 3 layers of wood and a layer of plywood or MDF. Since this particular base is finished off with a layer of wood, in this instance walnut, the expression of the flooring will be precisely the same if you decide on the strong or the engineered alternative. At a restaurant setting, even if you’re picking engineered bamboo floors, it is important to pick a remedy with a thick (at least 6mm) surface. The thicker the surface, the more chance you’ll need to sand the ground at the long run to rejuvenate it and also make it look like brand new.

As soon as you’re certain that you have chosen the ideal sort of bamboo flooring to your own restaurant and have arranged to get it correctly and professionally fitted, then it is time to consider the finish. For commercial hardwood floors , it is important to decide on a industrial grade lacquer or acrylic since this challenging finish will resist the traffic that your flooring will encounter. A commercial grade lacquer can provide you a glistening, demanding finish whereas commercial grade oils allow you to maintain the natural appearance of the wood while providing the amount of security you need.

Finally, in regards to cleaning your restaurant’s bamboo flooring, it is essential your cleaning regime is appropriate, thorough and regular. Picking out the ideal cleaning regime for your restaurant’s bamboo flooring will depend upon its general condition. Generally speaking, if your floor is relatively fresh and regularly cleaned, a surface clean with an appropriate floor cleaner and a buff up should do the job. In severe cases, it may be required to strip off any build up of polish, accompanied with a deep wash and a re-polish. The worst-case scenario is the end of the floor is so worn out that grime and dirt has started to become ingrained in the timber. In such cases, only a re-sand and re-finish will make your restaurant’s walnut floor back to its former glory.


If you’re looking for a flooring option that will provide a stunning and unique look to your house, then acacia wood flooring may be only for you. It looks unique and only fits in the designs of specific rooms and homes. However, many men and women are basing their home renovation choices around installing acacia wood because it’s a stunning appearance unlike any species of wood. Here’s a complete guide to acacia wood flooring.

What Is it?

It includes broad grain patterns and unique knots. Mold doesn’t flourish on acacia and it’s even fire resistant due to the high density. It has been used for flooring for several decades, but it also used in making furniture and tools. Acacia seeds are used for wheat and edible gum.

You have to decide between the structure of Solid or Engineered. Engineered wood has a surface coating in Acacia using a core made of other species whereas Strong Acacia is the exact same wood all the way through. Width and textures such as hand-scraped add character to a home which can be important once you make your choice. With all these choices at your disposal, it’s no wonder Acacia has gained so much traction in the flooring globe. Just like with any hardwood flooring choice, acacia has its pros and cons.

Pros to Acacia Flooring
The largest benefit to Acacia hardwood is that the assortment of color. This timber species is ready to be produced using various staining methods or left in its normal condition. The higher colour variation also helps hide wear and tear and boost its longevity. The large density makes this wood impact resilient which means that you may enjoy your acacia flooring for many years before it needs replacement or refinishing. Regular Introduction to keep debris from scratching will help keep it looking great for more.

Acacia flooring is priced at the mid century, which makes it relatively cost-effective when compared to other exotic forests with comparable properties. The resistance to mold and germs makes it a healthy option for your family’s health.

Cons to Acacia Flooring

Acacia plants benefit much of their character and variant from being shorter shrub trees with an even mixture of heart and sapwood. Naturally, the planks are briefer ranging from 1-4 feet following the wood has been properly dried. If you have a large open space like a common area or commercial program, this could make your flooring look too busy. If you prefer a cleaner and more modern look to your flooring, then acacia might not be for you. Acacia obviously gives a more rustic texture. There are just no long length, even coloured runs of acacia flooring. This frequently means the decor of the rest of the space will need to match around this timber making it the focus of your space. Acacia, like every exotic, can be known to shrink when installing in extremely dry houses. Aim to keep 35-55% relative humidity during the year.

As a homeowner who’s selecting the ground, you will have to decide how much you variable each and every pro and con. Take your own time to make an informed decision. If you’re able to make it work, then acacia wood flooring might be an wonderful addition to your property.

Particular Wood Floors is a top supplier of engineered and solid Acacia hardwood for well over ten years. If you have any questions regarding your next project, give us a call today.


dddddddddddddsaaaaaaaaaaaHardwood flooring has the fantastic ability to transform your home from dull to dazzling in a very affordable way, and given you purchase hardwood floors, it will look amazing for a very long time.

As soon as you’ve picked your floors, installation is the next measure, although one mistake which many homeowners make is attempting to set up the floors themselves. Even if you pride yourself on your own DIY efforts, it is always best to depart installation into the professionals.

Whenever you’ve invested in hardwood floors, the final thing that you are going to want to do is risk destroying it, but this hazard will be all too present if you try to complete installation yourself.

Installation may look to be a relatively simple undertaking, although it’s a excellent deal trickier than it seems, and there are several significant factors which also need to be considered – such as insulation.

The professionals may make light work of insulation though, and they are equipped with all of the experience, knowledge and equipment needed to ensure your hardwood flooring investment is one which will enhance the attractiveness, functionality and possibly the value of your property.

Allow the staff at FLOOR SANDING COVENT GARDEN flooring work their magical and fully enjoy all the advantages which hardwood floors has to offer you.

3 most used softwoods and why they are so popular

Top 3 most used softwoods and why they are so popular
PINE: Pine is a softwood which grows in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are more than 100 species worldwide. Pine is a soft, white or pale yellow wood which is light weight, straight grained and lacks figure.It resists shrinking and swelling. Knotty pine is often used for decorative effect. Pine is often used for country or provincial furniture. Pickled, whitened, painted and oil finishes are often used on this wood.
ASH: There are 16 species of ash which grow in the eastern United States. Of these, the white ash is the largest and most commercially important.Ash is a hard, heavy, ring porous hardwood. It has a prominent grain that resembles oak, and a white to light brown colour. Ash can be differentiated from hickory (pecan) which it also resembles, by white dots in the darker summer wood which can be seen with the naked eye. Ash burls have a twisted, interwoven figure.Ash is widely used for structural frames and steam bent furniture pieces. It is often less expensive than comparable hardwoods.
HICKORY: There are 15 species of hickory in the eastern United States, eight of which are commercially important.Hickory is one of the heaviest and hardest woods available. Pecan is a species of hickory sometimes used in furniture. It has a close grain without much figure.Wood from the hickory is used for structural parts, especially where strength and thinness are required. Decorative hickory veneers are also commonly used.


The renovation of your dreams comes true now!

What’s your opinion about this idea – parquet flooring in your home! Yeah, we know, it sounds amazing. If you want to feel the perfection of the classical wooden interior design – this is the right decision for you. Or you like more something innovative, something special, like the floor design of your dreams, that only you can imagine and we can create!

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Improving your home interior with hardwood

Everyone makes choices about their home and interior. We see this increase in tendencies of improving your home with hardwood. A classic hardwood is back on top. The wooden floor in each room gives comfort, tranquillity and warmth and these are the main reasons why our customers are choosing it!

If you’re thinking of putting a new hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong. All types of hardwood floors have natural beauty and fit well with any interior — modern, traditional, country, you name it! Hardwood are good also for kitchens and basements but there they require a special considerations.

Wood floors fill these spaces with an instant classic feel, traditional look and beauty that you can experience over the years and this is important because home is place that doesn’t just exist outside, but it is living inside us! To have a home that we love is important for our emotional health and also to feel good in our home and there are just a few things that every home should be full of – laugh , games, good vibes and a shiny smooth wooden flooring!


Look outstanding with sanding!

Floor sanding is a way to bring life to your old shabby home or office flooring. It is cheaper than changing the whole floor and much easier. Sanding needs a lot of calculations and techniques so it can be done perfectly. The best choice is a fully equipment floor sanding services company.

Smooth floor maintenance will enhance the overall look of your dwellings. The first step that need to be made before the true sanding procedure starts is cleaning – once the floors are cleaned, they will need to be totally dried before the wooden boards may be fixed. Since your wooden floor is a key facet of your property that needs continual maintenance and attention! Many people ask for polishing procedure, but it is mostly not required for new floors, and floors with polyurethane coating.

There are parts from home that need sturdier wood types, for example cypress or cedar, you get in touch with our company and we will help you choose the right one for your property. But when you hold your hardwood floors to be looking fantastic and prolong their daily life, take solid wood floor types. Our firm have years of experience in this business and we will provide your hardwood floors a great shine!

The last stage from sanding your wooden floor is sealing and you can decide what to use – a  natural oil or hard wax oil or lacquer. This last touch is protecting your floors from stains, weather conditions, furniture, and human harming.

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Why choosing the right floor sanding company is important?

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