Oak Flooring In Restaurants

Oak floors in restaurants is also a popular style option. Regardless of whether the food at the restaurant is modern or traditional, you can be sure bamboo floors will suit the ambiance and enhance the interior layout. As with any wood flooring in any commercial setting, the three main things to take into account when making your final decision would be: durability, cleaning and finish.

On account of the high amount of footfall at a busy restaurant, it is essential that whatever type of bamboo floor you choose is durable. You can select between solid wood floors or engineered timber flooring, but durability is a question you should certainly consult your provider. Solid oak flooring, as the name suggests is made from boards of oak, which can be made from a single piece of wood.

Engineered oak floors, on the other hand, is composed of a blend of wood and other substances. Engineered oak hardwood flooring is typically composed of 3 layers of wood and a layer of plywood or MDF. Since this particular base is finished off with a layer of wood, in this instance walnut, the expression of the flooring will be precisely the same if you decide on the strong or the engineered alternative. At a restaurant setting, even if you’re picking engineered bamboo floors, it is important to pick a remedy with a thick (at least 6mm) surface. The thicker the surface, the more chance you’ll need to sand the ground at the long run to rejuvenate it and also make it look like brand new.

As soon as you’re certain that you have chosen the ideal sort of bamboo flooring to your own restaurant and have arranged to get it correctly and professionally fitted, then it is time to consider the finish. For commercial hardwood floors , it is important to decide on a industrial grade lacquer or acrylic since this challenging finish will resist the traffic that your flooring will encounter. A commercial grade lacquer can provide you a glistening, demanding finish whereas commercial grade oils allow you to maintain the natural appearance of the wood while providing the amount of security you need.

Finally, in regards to cleaning your restaurant’s bamboo flooring, it is essential your cleaning regime is appropriate, thorough and regular. Picking out the ideal cleaning regime for your restaurant’s bamboo flooring will depend upon its general condition. Generally speaking, if your floor is relatively fresh and regularly cleaned, a surface clean with an appropriate floor cleaner and a buff up should do the job. In severe cases, it may be required to strip off any build up of polish, accompanied with a deep wash and a re-polish. The worst-case scenario is the end of the floor is so worn out that grime and dirt has started to become ingrained in the timber. In such cases, only a re-sand and re-finish will make your restaurant’s walnut floor back to its former glory.

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